Digital Collage: 11:11

.lately, I'm finding a new stride and using the energies of the people around me to create, by first recognizing a few of their attributes, translating them using pictures or colors, and layering them with a bit of something i have created myself such as a drawing or a handmade background. 

 .i've met some dynamic women over the last year along my journey into the world of Mary Kay as a business opportunity.  i'm learning to soften and to dream again in ways i thought i had left behind.  this was a quick and fun piece inspired by dk.

.this year of 2012 has brought some superb moments both brilliant and devastating to certain extents.  i have to say, sometimes it's just plain fun living in these moments knowing that we are the great potentials that create our individually desired outcomes.  love this season.  -->looks safe to me!? ;)

*credits available soon*


Digital Collage: Brown

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